Saturday, 30 March 2013

Petite Pocket Die & Crepe Paper Flowers

I’ve been seeing a few flowers made out of the Stampin’ Up Creped Filter paper sprayed with a mixture of  Stampin’ Up! re-inkers and isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)

I didn’t have any Creped Filter paper, but had some ordinary Crepe paper used for making decorations.

The first flowers I made were using the Stampin’ Up! Floral Frames Framelits. The Framelits managed to cut several layers of the crepe paper at the same time.  The Petite Pocket die was cut as directed, and is just he right size to put an electronic gift card inside. I’ve used Itty Bitty Banners Stamp set for the stamp. I got the instructions from Patty Bennett


My second set of flowers were made with the Fun Flowers Bigz L Die. Again several layers were cut out at once.  This time instead of spritzing the paper flowers with a mixture of the isopropyl alcohol and Stampin’ Up! re-inkers, I simply poured some of the alcohol into a small dish, added a small amount of water – (as NZ isopropyl alcohol seems to be stronger than rubbing alcohol).  I spread the flowers out onto sheets of the endless supply of brown paper that comes with our boxes of Stampin’ Up! supplies, put on some gloves, dipped a sponge into the alcohol/re-inker mixture and sponged away.  This gave me a stronger colour than simply spritzing the mixture.

This time I made the Petite Pockets into a small box – using one petite pocket die and adding some extra score lines. Using this you tube tutorial from Dawn Olchefske.


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